Greek International Monetary Fund

EFE Greece will need a help of 32.6 billion extras and should undertake cuts by 4 billion between 2015 and 2016. No longer unlocks the next tranche of aid of 31,500 million euros that Greece urgently needs to not suspend payments on Friday. The Eurogroup will meet Nov. 20 to treat financing of Greciay not disbursed until then the 31-500 million of aid. Angela Merkel opposes it out of the euro countries with problems. The Eurogroup grants additional to Greece two years to make necessary adjustments to reduce its deficit, as had requested the Hellenic Government and has recommended this Monday the troika following it undertaken to the eurozone Ministers. The eurozone concludes that the fiscal revised objectives, as it was requested by the Government supported by the European Commission troika, and Greek International Monetary Fund and the Bank Central European-, would a proper setting for the path of fiscal consolidation, in view of the recent economic developments, the President of the Eurogroup, said Jean-Claude Juncker.

With the extension of the deadline, Greece would need an additional aid of 32.6 billion euros until 2016 for its partners in the euro zone, according to a draft of the report of the troika. The European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund claim in particular that Greece has achieved substantial fiscal adjustment in progress, but to the eurozone should grant two years more to achieve a surplus primary (before interest payments) of 4.5%, i.e., an extension from 2014 through 2016, according to the document which has had access EFE-DowJones. The financing needs of Greece would thus rise to 15 billion euros to close fiscal hole until 2014, date in which the rescue program was going to finish initially, and to 17.6 billion in 2015 and 2016, if the country receives an extension of two years to undertake adjustments, according to the draft.


As traditional conception, we understand that the way of being we have cannot change. When we say for example: my MOM so, is super responsible or as I am shy, I can’t get or given the age that I am, I can not. Today I want to share with you a renewed vision of what it means to be human and how can explain himself through the language used to think and speak (conversations maintained with himself and with others). From ontological coaching started from one of the most important principles of the ontology of language which reads as follows: while we act according to how we are also are according to how we act. The action generates the being that we are. Notes the power that is in this principle? Normally we assume the following statement I am so.

Then of thinking or saying this statement, becomes a chain of automatic thoughts like the following: I am as well. Since I’m so, I’m not going to change. As not I can change, do bother me try? I declare that I will not do anything. Results? Everything remains the same. While there are essentials in our special way of being, are sometimes blind to the new possibilities we can generate from a change of thought, which could lead us to change our reality. We often say: this is the reality or I am a realist, then… Well, we cannot deny that there is an environment that surrounds us prepared in a certain way. I encourage you to think about that, whatever it is the way that circumstances arise in your life, you esgrimas the power to decide how you want to interpret that reality that surrounds you to act consequently. In no time I’m talking about magic or that you can change your environment with a snap of fingers, not.