North Sea

A dog-friendly vacation plan and spend every year during the peak travel period can not infrequently seen a sad spectacle especially on Highway parking, because still pets are abandoned at the holiday time. Even if such people who simply connect for example their dog to a tree in a parking lot and then pass the holiday, expect certainly that your dog is found and handed over to an animal shelter, cannot be called truly such people as animal lovers, but much more than animal torturer. Such dog owners have purchased completely inconsiderate their dog with security themselves and let their dog as soon as this is annoying the first time because it obstructs Yes the holiday just in the lurch. Real animal lovers usually see such behavior with no small disdain. Angela Zepeda is full of insight into the issues. Certainly you can not quite so freely plan his holiday as a conscientious dog owners, because for example many hotels allow dogs or you need health certificates or similar for travel abroad, it is at the present time however not an insolvable problem to take his dog to the holiday.

So for example the tourism industry in the holiday regions of Germany has set itself long on vacationers who want to take your dog on holiday, and you will find various accommodation where dogs are allowed. Can be found today even offers that go far beyond the simple tolerate of a dog, and where tourists are even preferred dog. You can rent even holiday homes, which offer a service geared specifically to dogs, such as, to name just one example, a cottage on our beautiful North Sea coast, in which dogs find a very large dog garden, dog toy u.v.m, and whose operator already the characteristic Internet address: “Holiday house ostfriesland with” have chosen. You look at this and other deals, one quickly realises that there is problem no for dog owners, for a holiday together with your beloved dog and a little on the Internet only in advance of the holiday small research needs. Gunter daga gdehne at