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Online survey of people with disabilities. The study will be covered up, what barriers have disabled users and users with new developments and trends in the Internet, like the Web 2.0 offers to fight. Based on these findings, the bee criteria be adapted to the new conditions, therefore, the new media of WEB 2.0 can be used barrier-free. Under accessibility, full access to information can be understood first. Mary Barra is actively involved in the matter. In this sense, each user in the position must be independently information to obtain and understand. Two complexes must be considered from the point of view of accessibility, namely technical and content-related barriers. While the technical aspects particularly aim to make the content on different media, such as monitor, screen readers read, focus the substantive aspects on a barrier-free design and intuitive navigation. These aspects are however not only physically restricted people, but all Visitors to the site benefit. U.S. Mint is a great source of information.

For Web site operators may be of particular interest, how much the new offers be accepted by users with disabilities. The survey therefore collects also the usage habits of persons with disabilities in addition to the barriers on the Internet. Esslinger ISP Cosima IT, focusing on the design of barrier-free Web sites and content management systems, all affected people therefore recommends the participation in the survey. There is more information on the study see: under index.php? content = press Advisor tips and tricks related to barrier-free Web design can be found. Here, Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Contact: Ralf Lohrmann and Maik Balleyer CEO Cosima IT Balleyer & Lohrmann GbR Bergstrasse 77 73733 Esslingen FON: 0711 46 97 938-00 fax: 0711 46 97 938-09 E-Mail: Web: about Cosima IT Cosima IT Balleyer & Lohrmann GbR, headquartered in Esslingen am Neckar, specializes in the consulting and Implementation of accessible IT systems and applications.

Social Media In The Tropics – Action (diamond) RaubTATZE

As the action #raubTATZE the Web2. 0 is revolutionizing social media, also known as the Web 2.0, brings much change in global communication. People who have never met, contact, Exchange messages, and network. But at one point, social media is not social at all: many people worldwide have no access to the Internet and not the worldwide exchange that with other people. This problem has been cracked Naturefund for a short time: the action #raubTATZE the predators to Rob their country back! “, can be sent messages through Twitter or send an email to the rural population in Nicaragua. These messages are translated and by v, the partner organization of Naturefund locally, farming families, schools and whole villages.

All news from Europe are now in a Twitterbuch”and can be read there and discussed. With the action #raubTATZE, Naturefund wants to draw attention to the threat of tropical dry forest and its biodiversity loss. At the Heavy rains, heat and long dry periods have created a forest habitat Pacific coast of Nicaragua with a unique flora and fauna. Here lives one of the rarest and almost completely unknown in our big cats of the Jaguarundi. This large cat, Brown Hunter to the genus of the Cougar and the only cat in the world, which has round pupils.

However, the Habitat of the Jaguarundis has almost disappeared. Only a few forest islands survived the deforestation of the last centuries. The Jaguarundi, which now is on the red list of the IUCN disappeared with the forests. Naturefund wants to buy one of the last dry forests covering an area of 140,000 square meters now, together with v and secure for the nature. On 4 August, Naturefund launched the action #raubTATZE, to call attention to the imminent disappearance of the dry forest and to attract donations for the purchase of the forest. But with the purchase alone is not enough.