It can be used, for example, to dilute the coffee (in the preparation of the US). (7) – Crane couple through this valve steam is under pressure from the boiler. It is used for whipping milk (at Cappuccino, latte, etc.). (8) – gauge pressure sensor. Shows the pressure in the system, as well as the pressure in the boiler. Located on the front of the espresso machine. (9) – pressure switch is used to signal the control unit of achieving an appropriate level of pressure in the boiler or pressure drop. (10) – Water level indicator in the boiler water level visual indicator in the boiler.

Located on the front of the espresso machine. Contact information is here: Angela Zepeda. Allows staff to either technique to monitor manually filling the boiler. Filling the boiler itself is, however, in automatic mode. This indicator is present on all models bar Iberital L'Anna. (11) – Volumetric sensor sensor control servings. Present only on the automatic coffee maker. Designed for metering the amount of water supplied to the heat exchanger glass, which in turn displaces the same amount of water supplied to the group of the strait. Is controlled by an electronic unit.

Can be programmed to several different size portions. (12) – valve solenoid valve, designed to fill the boiler with water. In the normal state is blocked, until no need to add water into the boiler. The machine is equipped with a probe-level – a rod of stainless steel, which is in contact with the water inside the boiler. The probe is connected to a central processing unit, which constantly for information about the water level. When the water level below this, the central processor includes a pump and solenoid valve opens and the machine starts to load up the water until the probe does not indicate that there has been optimum level. (13) – Pressure relief valve (overpressure valve) comes into effect when the system pressure reaches 11-13 Bar. In the event of his trip is draining the system to drain until pressure in the system will not fall.

German Bierstube

Well, finally the long-awaited weekend, the mood is upbeat – it's time to go to a restaurant or bar beer big and friendly company. There, while sipping your favorite drink male half of humanity, You can enjoy live broadcasts of football, basketball and other sporting events or enjoy a delicious meal. Beer will help you relieve stress and working hours in the hot summer days are perfect thirst quencher. In Currently, the number of taverns and pubs in Moscow is growing every day. Moreover, in this largest city of the highest number of pubs per capita in Russia.

In the capital, were whole network of such restaurants as 'Golden Vobla', 'mug', 'Ol' Mueller ', '5 speed', 'Beer Barrel', Tinkoff. Most of them are a big draw not only the beer menu, but business lunches. It is worth noting that the main theme is Bavarian. In menu of such institutions, as a rule, there are many kinds of German sausages, pork and crackling in the grill. This category includes restaurants' BirHaus', 'Bavarius',' German settlement. " Take a look at a wonderful corner of the true Bavaria – a new beer restaurant "Hyundai Hoch '.

The interior is stylized German Bierstube, comfort in the room create separate cubicles and furniture made of real wood alpine villages. Portion sizes will delight even gourmet dishes are very delicious – prepared only from fresh ingredients. It would be impossible to give up pork sausage with slices of cheese 'Chedrr', golden chicken wings, deep fried and the main delicacy – Jamon Iberico (ham from the black Spanish pork).

Canon Cartridges

Ecology today is not a priority in today's political world. The constant cutting of forests, emissions of the gases in the atmosphere, etc. little concern to today's people. On the agenda are totally different issues famine, war, epidemic. However, if you think about it, all of our problems seem small compared to the misery that we can expect if we do not seriously think about the ongoing situation in the world.

There are a thousand little things that if everyone will comply, will help improve the ecological situation napryadennuyu in the world. This efficient use of water and electricity cost is the purchase of cars. One of these actions is refill cartridges. Absolutely clear that the producers trying to get as much profit goes to all sorts of tricks, in this case, they deliberately limit the capacity of the cartridges, put them on defense. So , the average user comes to an end as soon as the cartridge ejects and goes to the store to buy the cartridge.

However, in this situation only benefits the manufacturer, the buyer loses the price (cost of a new cartridge refilling is much more than printers), loses the environment. Selling cartridges is the main item of income producers, but not the sale of printers. Normal cartridge is made of plastic, plastic is made from oil, in the nature of the ejected cartridge will process more than 150 years by natural means, that is throwing the cartridge in the trash you consciously harm the environment. Imagine that today, in every office is a printer, and usually not just one year it has billions of discarded cartridges, which poison the environment. In fact, they could be used more than once, thus saving a lot of money on buying new cartridges. Companies such as HP, Xerox, Canon, Samsung has already launched a program for recycling ink cartridges, but they have not corrected the situation completely. So refill HP cartridges would be very helpful in this difficult matter. If you a good citizen of our planet and want to make your descendants lived in a clean world and to breathe clean air, think about today, because tomorrow may be too late.