Climate-neutral Band Roba Morena: First CO2 Neutral Tour Panama

With the help of CO2OL, Roba Morena tours Panama City carbon neutral. As the first Panamanian band, Roba Morena tours carbon neutral. Roba Morena CO2OL, consultancy and solution provider of climate-friendly products and services cooperate for the reduction and compensation of all carbon dioxide emissions through their concert tour. “Roba Morena” reforestation projects for climate protection: Robert Baum, frontman of the climate-neutral “Roba Morena, band Panama committed in his home country for environmental and climate protection. He visited nature parks in the course of his campaign people, paying attention to your environment!”regularly, to increase the environmental awareness of its fans in Panama. To compensate for the own CO2 emissions on their travels and concerts, Roba Morena now work together with the Bonn Klimaschutzdienstleister CO2OL.

The brand of the German ForestFinance group leads since 1997 to the CO2 binding for their worldwide customers through high-quality reforestation projects in Panama. CO2 emissions determine, avoid, reduce and permanent reforestation offset: CO2OL first calculates the so-called CO2 footprint of Roba Morena tour and analysed together with the band, as future emissions can be avoided. CO2OL neutralized the remaining unavoidable emissions in connection with a high-quality reforestation project aptly in Panama, in the home country of the musicians. Together with our partner CO2OL we come as a step closer to our goal of a clean Panama”, commented Robert Baum his commitment. To read more click here: everest capital. “Petra Kollmannsberger, head of the ForestFinance Office in Panama, sees therein a role model for other artists all over the world: ROBA Morena are a good example for other artists and bands that should also use their popularity to move as many people to protect the environment.” Carbon-neutral concerts, tours and festivals have tradition for CO2OL in Germany: the first event was the well-known climate protection concert Live Earth in Hamburg 2007. It followed the doctors, July, fury in the slaughterhouse, Olli Daniels project Texas Lightning and hundreds more concerts all send a signal for climate protection with their climate-friendly tours. Meanwhile the number of co2olen has become”concert tickets on a goodly sum added: well over a million climate-neutral concert tickets CO2OL made until today. “Under net you can free Roba Morena of latest song Nunca it tarde” (it’s never too late”), download and listen to. More information on.