Spanish Memories

Here in Spain, available much free time and watched for many hours of television programs. And almost every day showing some of their activities. I called a lot of attention that the Spanish wanted both their kings and princes. He also liked to watch on TV to the Duchess of Alba. It seemed a very funny woman by the way that combined the colors of their clothing. In short, Esther felt really at home in Spain. Eventually she decided to go out alone in the neighborhood but never far away. I was sad to think that I had to turn around, but I had to.

Backlog had been many who had to finish. He felt he had been an excellent idea to bring Mabel and away from his memories, which at home had been in each piece of furniture, picture or object visible at every moment or was doing what he was doing. Here there was nothing that was material to the scope of his sight. The memories were in his heart, and those where they would be there forever. Esther was absolutely sure never nothing, neither time nor life, would be able to reduce the pain they produce. Alex and Mabel also knew I would have to leave and also to give them grief. Alex began to think that your dating relationship had to play a close and serious commitment and that there would be no better time to do that to happen before the mother left, so he could share the wedding day.