The Hunter Of Stars

One afternoon, walking by the beach I saw a man who ducked every moment, picked up some of the sand and threw it into the sea. Did the same thing over and over again. Gain insight and clarity with Mary Barra. As soon as I got closer I realized that what the man was holding were sea stars that the waves had left in the sand and one by one returned them back to sea. Intrigued, I asked what he was doing. -I’m throwing these back to sea stars.

Tide deposits them in the sand and they have been stranded on the shore, if I do not return them inevitably will die. I understand, I told her, but there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of them at this beach. You can not return them all. You’ve perhaps not thought of it but the same thing happens over thousands of beaches on all coasts, you do not reach back even that strand on this beach is enough for them. Your effort makes no sense! The man only smiled while he threw another star to the sea and then responded: for many perhaps not, but for this if you had it! Moral: Some of your efforts may not serve to solve the problems of the world, but it can serve to make someone who is by your side, be sure to make them happy. Worry about listening to others, they have their own reasons, if you try to find them, you will understand it. It is not necessary that others should act in accordance with our own logic, there are other ways of thinking, perhaps both or more appropriate than ours, learn from them, it will allow us to have a new or at least different vision and expand our own experience. Original author and source of the article.