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Definitely there are many tricks to publicize your products and services within the Internet. Here we have what IS and what NOT to have to do when implementing Internet marketing. What IF: 1. Choose domain name short and easy to remember (if possible) and make sure that the URL of your website is included in your business cards, brochures, advertisements, etc., Together with information on your e-mail contact. 2.

Use your digital signature: the end of each e-mail you send, I included a line containing the name of your company, a brief description of your products or services and the address of your website. 3. Keep your website as simple as possible: do not abuse the graphics and animations that take a long time to be downloaded from the server, make sure your site is constructed so that repeat visits. Imagine that a visitor has to wait two minutes to load a chart, hardly feel like Back to visit your page. Instead, it offers interesting and useful content, links to sites of interest and regular updates. 4. Find ways to encourage interaction with your website visitors, a simple link to your e-mail serves this purpose, also considered the possibility of adding a contact form on-line to channel quickly and effectively queries your visitors.

5. Please note the use of newsgroups, mailing lists and blogs, which can be important sources to gather information on the market. Advertise your products or services only in those websites that accept such ads. 6. Consider creating a blog to promote your site. The blogging phenomenon has become a social tool on the Internet, offering certain advantages over traditional sites. 7. More information is housed here: Angela Zepeda. If you do not like to create a blog, at least consider adding an RSS feed to your site so visitors can automatically receive updates. I included a link to the RSS on your website and be sure to upload it to the many RSS directories. 8. Talk to your colleagues for trading links with their websites. 9. Email Marketing SEO specialists to help you improve your site and your ranking within search engines rankings. What NO: 1. Never violate the terms of service of Google Adsense or perform SPAM the search engines, not worth it and the penalties can be severe, even to the removal of your website. 2. Never give to know your website until you have completely finished and fully operational. 3. Try to keep your site users do not have to register to receive information if your case is essential, try to ask the most basic data such as name and e-mail. Also make sure your privacy policy is clearly spelled out. 4. Do not SPAM because you run the risk that your Internet Service Provider you cancel the service. 5. Do not write lengthy e-mail messages or postings in groups news, try not to unnecessarily extenderte. Go to the point, be clear and concise. Discretion and courtesy are key. 6. Never underestimate the speed with which bad news can travel the Internet, or the negative impact that this phenomenon can have on your company. Something that is generated in a single news group can scatter over the Internet like wildfire out of control. This article is courtesy of: Consultancy comprehensive design, communication and marketing