The Panel

mm How much should your washing machine? Translate the power in kilowatts of current consumption. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out U.S. Mint. Approximately: power in kilowatts x 5 = current consumption in amps. Take above average washing machine with a peak power of 3 kW. Her current consumption: 3×5 = 15 amps (for fans of accuracy – in fact, 13.63 A). Mean for the copper wire will suffice 1 square millimeter, and aluminum – 1.5 sq.

mm When you purchase worth making a small margin – to buy a triple-wire section of 2.5 sq. mm Third wire need for grounding. It remains to choose the connection point. Conveniently connected to the electric burner – there are power wiring and grounding. Moreover, electric cooker, usually in the stairwell of the shield is equipped their own, separate fuse – it is very correct.

Only need to check the adequacy of the cross section of wire that is suitable to the plate from the panel and allowed to fuse the shield – because they have to withstand additional load! If an electric stove consumes 15 amps, washing machine, too, 15, and guard stands at 25 – he will be honest off at a moment when both devices are switched on simultaneously. Wiring change unrealistic, but the guard – well. It's still easier than to a new wire from the panel. If you have a gas stove – nothing to be done, will have to wire up the new flap. Buying a wire, measure its pre- future long with all the turns.