Tianya Haijiao Place

Sanya is the only China city of costa located in a tropical area, a privileged spot with a blue sky, white clouds, breezes, why that is considered as the Chinese Hawaii. If we did not know that it is in China would think that he is a paradise in the Caribbean, thanks to its climate, sea, beaches and forests, making it one of the main destinations of trips to china one of the great treasures of this place is the wealth of their customs and the great affability of the locals. The most beautiful landscapes are for example the Tianya Haijiao, which translates as the most remote corners of the world, the mountain of Nanshan, the Yalong Bay, Luhuitou which means deer that becomes the head, the great East Sea and the Xidao island. As we have said this place has a privileged climate, its annual average temperature is the about 25grados Celsius, there are no extreme temperatures in summer or in winter and therefore there are many tourists throughout the year. Throughout the entire city They are 10 nature reserves, one that has greater beauty is the reserve of coral, which has tens of square kilometers of coral of all kinds, their diversity is the largest in the country. Sanya is among 11 more healthy habitats in the world. The above live in this place as well as all 15 different ethnic groups, such as those of Li, the Miao, the Hui and the Han. Festivals such as the feast of third March, Miao and Ramadan, the Hui allow visitors learn about the life and customs of these inhabitants. This is a very well known place among couples, because of the romanticism that awaken its landscapes and its climate. Still need more reasons to visit this magical place? visit and learn about offers of trips to this and other Asian destinations.