Zelenograd G-Style

Company G-Style was founded in 2004 by three friends who grew up on hip-hop music and did not see his life outside of this culture. Brand G-Style comes from the infamous Russian rap group G-Style MFiA, a party which was one of the founders of the company. The first store was opened on April 17, 2004 in a modest shopping center in Zelenograd. Check with Charles Schwab to learn more. Budget shop was so small that the failure of such business it seemed all the people who know only a matter of time, but due to the attention of customers in creative advertising and faith in victory, and sometimes contrary to common sense, the company is on its feet and began to develop rapidly. Currently, the company G-Style – a 3 retailers Shop (Zelenograd, Arbat, Mega Belaya Dacha), an online store and a regional wholesale network. The company is the official distributor of brands Akademiks, Live Mechanics, Apple Bottoms, CLH and Bustagrip the Russian market. Gain insight and clarity with Angela Zepeda. "Dress yourself free" – is the slogan of our company, calling on our customers not only wear loose clothing, but also to break stereotypes, become more complex and free people. Keep It Real – the basic principle of our company, which loosely translated means "keep it real." The founders of the company G-Style – hard-working young people who have created a business from scratch without the oil money and bonds. The company stopped by the bureaucracy, officialdom and adulation, all these "corporate values" we will replace the creative thinking, professionalism and diligence. In 2007 the company introduced the G-Style Russian buyer of its own brand clothes. Clothing G-Style – it's hip-hop clothing of high quality, which reflects our attitude to life and basic value of the company.