Programming Game

Since a large portion of my life is devoted to an entertaining game called Encounter, a couple of words about it. Briefly the essence is this: The game was invented by the lads garni Belarusian Ivan Maslyukov some time ago. As things in our lives, the basis for this was still small voice from the west, where such practiced a couple of decades ago. I must say that the guy treated the process seriously, and he and his associates has been developed Programming an entire complex, located at. Anyone out there, Zaslav organizers share a small, may open in a locality domain encounter. That is, for my money the user gets the possibility of complex software, such as the engine for the games with the web interface, forums and other tops.

After which the happy owner can begin to attach innocent people to a new life. On the site, anyone can register create your own team, unite in her flock of his comrades, or join an existing one. Also in the project there is such a sweet heart of every munchkin feature, like glasses and titles. If you or your team won a place in within ten, then you get a certain number of points. For the points give the title, which, besides pride of ownership pepyakoy give more opportunity to influence the assessment after the game. Games offered by the project are divided into several types: part 1, which bears the name of the pathetic Active urban games: a) Real.

Macromedia Dreamweaver

And the programs that are decent sites is not easy. I also did not allow the passage of about the design … I wondered, 'How can you teach me …' Of course I tried to explain, but the result was usually zero. Then, my patience came to an end and I started looking into gourmet internet programs that are designed once for all, that is, from the category of Must Have, to design and could have been done and Flash-insert and immediately generate an entire site. I was searching for a program that you think … 5 years (!) And yet I found it, learned and experienced a feeling of wild comfort. Just over 2.5 hours, I made a design, put in Flash, just the same in the program prescribed for all meta-tags for the effective promotion neobhodzhimye and generated a turnkey website! Another uniqueness of this softiny that It generates html-code, without the use of tables that provides 'easy' code that search engines love.

Moreover, in this program I was able to immediately, without any problems to explain to all my friends how to do that. Previously, it was simply not realistic. After all, what is the trick known Html-editors such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc. 'The secret, which does not tell you no guru webmaster … Is it that the webmaster of the drum, can, if you create a beautiful, stylish site in its favorite program such as: Dreamweaver. Do you know why, because not all the technical and creative mind, which makes it possible to sort out any interface most complex programs and not everyone has time to develop these wisdom for months.

Typically, most talented people, can not cover everything at once and learn. For them requires a special approach and simplified method for rapid learning and practicing the knowledge gained at once in the learning process. This spodviglo me to create a special course about exactly how to quickly build, its stylish, high-quality html-site without the use of software: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, etc. By integrating it with a quality logo and elements of the Flash in just a few clicks with the new, unique program. So, now you do not need to learn HTML-code, develop sophisticated, design programs and interfaces to pore over for months crafty-wise HTML-editors, in which the devil himself break a leg. I am not in any way encourage you to be lazy, if you have time, desire and ability – please learn Html, Php, and create a super-dynamic, driven sites. My main goal is to help you and show a more simple and effective way – 'Work is not hard, but smart. " Before me stood the task and the goal clearly and very specifically to show in real time and real-world examples – "How to quickly create Flash-Html site from scratch, and then to promote a site on the Internet at all, even for beginners. Now anyone can easily learn how to create professional self Flash-html sites of the highest quality. Today to create beautiful Flash-Html Sites it is not necessary to know the coding and be super-designer. Click to find out all the details here

Construction Surveying Buildings

Surveyors – original science of the Earth (Greek GE + daiomai land parcel). Surveying has been studying the size of the Earth as a whole and its parts, as well as observations of celestial bodies (space geodesy, astronomogeodeziya). It appeared as far back as ancient times and was needed for construction, the division of land, drawing maps. The ancient surveyors used primitive tools, but over time, geodetic instruments become more complex, keep up with the current pace of development of society. In our time, geodesy – one of the most high-tech sectors of modern industry. None of the construction site is complete without a professional surveyor with modern laser and electronic equipment and a powerful personal computer with or without a costly software. What are the geodetic work on a construction site? Surveyor – Specialist, decisive a variety of tasks.

Geodetic work may be accompanied by construction, observations of rainfall and deformations of buildings. Can also be executed facade shooting with 3D modeling of buildings, topography Shooting for drawing maps and plans, measurements of buildings, calculations of pits and mounds in the development of soil, as well as more specific survey operations. The most common type of surveying – stroitelstvazdany support. What is in the works to support the construction? Before the start of construction, that is, before the foremen, technicians and workers of different specialties to come to the site, necessary to prepare the project documentation. In order to properly draft the construction, landscaping, grading unit (slope of land) and so requires a so-called Geological preparatory basis, which would be dealt to all existing buildings and structures, surface and underground communications, relief and other necessary information.