Classic Style In Modern Interior

Creating the interior, we strive to ensure that all the things surrounding us, pleasing to the eye and created an atmosphere of ultimate comfort. The interior is important every detail – down to hooks, towel holders and curtains, not to mention lamps and chandeliers. Moscow firm "Lamp-M, which this year celebrated its 10 anniversary, is already well known to many lovers of beautiful things. Chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, lamps, billiard, mantel clock, candlesticks, as well as various accessories made of brass, made by "Lamp-M, not only to decorate the interiors of private homes, but offices, restaurants, theaters and concert halls. Today our guest is General Director of Lamp-M Alexander Vanyushin. – Alexander, on this occasion, the editors of "Strawn" wishes you a 10-year anniversary of the firm. In connection with such an auspicious occasion it is useful to recall how all begins 10 years ago. – When the company was established, together with my partner, ij Tolmachev began to trade in building materials first, and then – lights.

But after several years of experience in the trade, it became clear that it was time to move on to production. Then we began looking for outlets to component manufacturers for our production in 1999. Acquainted with the Spanish firm – manufacturer of brass parts Base Quatro Group, which was interested in entering the Russian market. Having received from Spain, the first batch of parts, we started production of brass fixtures. The first two and a half years we have been very difficult – we have mastered all the intricacies of production, selected frames.