Ashrafyan Sergei

Actually this is the designer’s job to solve all the issues, nuances and subtleties of the project before construction. Word building certainly does not usually cause positive emotions, just as there are no ideal builders as well, and there are always issues and problems as construction – here you have the support of a designer who always will, tell, draw and find a common language with you and with the builders. Several common mistakes in the search and choosing a designer: 1. Search on the principle of price-quality is not suitable when choosing a designer, but rather refers to furniture or decoration. The designer must first hold you as a person that you trust your area: apartment, villa, restaurant, cafe, office, nightclub. If you do not pleasing at the first meeting, but happy for the money and terms in which he promises to keep, it will be the biggest mistake. First of all you must find him common language, if it does not happen from here have difficulty understanding the total design solution, properly selected furniture and other inefficiencies of working with a designer.

2. Very often, designers recommend cronyism, it’s always great advertising, but since we are all different, but do not forget that with your friends designer is likely to find a common language, but you can not arrange it for one reason or another. 3. One of the most explicit and common error is when you have found the builders, they gave you an estimate and have already started to work, you are looking for furniture and materials for decoration and then realize that you need a designer. Call, come – talk about room and ask to make a design.

Any professional designer will ask you the time to develop the idea and concept of the interior, so you have to deal with questions of freezing construction in a period of time and should not be forget about the alterations in the zoning of the premises, moving walls and partitions. It follows from this alteration of the construction and conversion of furniture, building materials and construction estimates. In order to avoid such situations, start looking for a designer for the month prior to construction.

Wooden Windows

Besides the traditional and continuing popularity, wooden windows have many unique qualities that, for all its modernity can not boast of plastic windows. High quality wooden windows deserved choice for many leading designers, because they understand and appreciate the beauty of natural wood and wood windows line styles such as classical interior, rural (country) style and Oriental style interior. Agree that plastic windows in the interior of minced cottage – the same inferior substitute, such as a permanent taxi compared with owning your own car (Like it is on wheels, and the image of success there). And from the windows. PVC windows are not able to fully replace the high-quality wood windows in a particular style of interior, they look ridiculous next to the solid wood walls and can not reconstruct the desired image of the structure. That's why experts in the field of design clearly separates the scope of the wooden and plastic windows. New windows have been widely used in homes and offices.

And in the design country cottages and summer love and preference for creative designers invariably given for this is the wooden boxes for their warm, natural material, highly environmental friendliness, absolute comfort and that important for good compatibility with houseplants. Modern technologies of production of wooden windows allow to make the highest quality product, on the integrity and ease of operation corresponding to the most stringent European standards. New wooden windows are made of quality raw materials and using these technologies have a long life and become a real decoration of the interior of your home. One of the main advantages of wooden windows – it's their harmonious blend with any interior and making it of elitism. Wooden euro-windows with double-glazed windows are virtually no competition in the design of most demanding and expensive interiors. Refinement of wooden windows is easy to add any curtains, these windows do not require a pretentious and unwieldy tissues, as in themselves are significant and visible element of the interior. Wooden windows do not require high quality to your special care. Paintwork perfectly preserves the integrity and color. Care includes the use of polishing and dust removal. Windows made of solid wood are the best solution for interior decoration, imparting a unique charm and warmth of your home.