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Creates a new online magazine for mothers and families it is finished: since 12 August, the new Mommy Web Magazine is available online. Equipped with new sections and current contributions on topics such as fertility, pregnancy, health & safety, partnership and family life, it offers a wide range of topics, providing that each interested Mommy, what she are looking for. The editorial team is complemented by specialists such as gynecologists, midwives and nutritionists here. In the new Mommy Web Magazine, which also missed an all-round renewal, exclusively high-quality editorial content will be published now. Previously, it was possible to publish articles in the magazine to all users except Mami Web employees. These are now clearly distinguished from the editorial.

For this reason, there will in future be a separate feature for Mommy Web users, where they can represent exclusively their own contributions online. Mommy Web: Mommy Web is that with over 255,000 registered users largest German online portal for mothers and women who want to be there. A new Member of the free community, which was founded in June 2007 registered every two minutes. Mommy Web daily over 10,000 posts will be posted. Mommy Web thus belongs to the largest and most active women-specific websites in the German-speaking world. Mommy Web offers tips from moms and advice from professional women, daily new articles in the mommy Web Magazine and lifestyle blog, contact mothers from the region, practical functionalities (E.g. photo albums, ads, chat room) and the ability to create your own Mommy Web groups with subject-specific or regional alignment. Press contact: Mami-Web GmbH, Natalija Krenz Tel.: + 49-69-4898166-0 E-mail: author: Valerie Dietrich


The people who have bad credit score can thus improve look and appearance by applying bad credit cosmetic plastic surgery. Plays very important role in the modern world, looks and appearance. Impressive looks enhances your status in the society as well as increase your confidence level. Now, not only women but men have so become beauty conscious. Everyone wants attractive appearance at any cost. It has become possible with new technologies and inventions of science. The Council of cosmetic surgery have been increased. To make the surgery in reach of everyone, cosmetic surgery loans are made available in the market.

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Austrian Verkehrsverbund calculated significant consumption by flags on the car / majority of car fans seems to accept one anticipates the additional spending: not everyone falls in the face of the European Football Championships in highest euphoria. Alfa driver El Clemente, for example, is not very much from football, can heat up yet but very much for the colourful atmosphere in everyday traffic. The memory of the atmosphere during the 2006 World Cup was not wrong, El Clemente,”. For the rest of the members of the online community the situation there already looks different: the question is less whether it attaches itself as motorists flag the team of his choice on the car, but rather which team to support it and if, then how many flags. Swarmed by offers, Charles Schwab is currently assessing future choices. Italy, Switzerland, Germany of course, but also Sweden: their supporters find disagreement Schwarz-rot-gold, but also a variety of different color combinations in the list of preferred Nations. “Fiat driver wool brings the very international flavor of German car drivers to the point: it is not only their own praises, but also accept if other people have other opinions.” You think already on the overspending, the Austrian Automobile Club oAMTC has calculated and gasoline stemming from the pint is burned in addition to one hundred kilometers, alone, because their cars flag football fans.

More consumption? No matter! “, says autoki Member uu7 and shows equal to his service car photos: A Volkswagen taxi with many German flags.” Currently, else is more important for the majority of car fans: on a fair and interesting EM! “, says Mazda driver battle Hamster from the Swiss Berne. Perhaps, more white crosses on a red background bring the Swiss engine running in the first game not quite at full speed yet fully underway! The discussion on automobile flagging is possible under:.. / em2008 car flag-raising… Media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: presse (at), autoki Ltd., Thulestr. 42, 13189 Berlin

Voice Training

Requirements for the talk in our daily voice training – rhetoric – communication – Stimmcoaching “how one gets into the Woods so’s echoes back”. “The sound makes the music”. In some professions partly for hours speak voice problems. If one does not know the right elocution, it can happen, that it is hoarse, the throat hurts and you prefer no longer wants to keep talking. Voice and moods have you feeling that in important situations the voice failed you, sounds too weak or slipping up? Agree and moods are closely related. Is for example very excited to feel a creeping quickly, the throat was tied to how or you have a lump in my throat. This effect is very strong, you feel very uncomfortable.

The resulting insecure voice brings to the audience. Even if the content is brilliant, one not entirely decreases said the spokesman as he conveys the feeling through the insecure voice itself is not quite to believe what He says. Voice and speech effects – voice training – voice coaching, for example, have high voices a different effect than deep. High and low speaking associated uncertainty or childishness. Deep and powerful voices, however, act according to speech research competently and authoritarian. Most of my students want to talk loud, intense and deep, because they have observed with others that better “to get over with this way of speaking”.

If you then apply the new elocution, they are often amazed at that really comes a different feedback from their fellow human beings. Learning playful voice and communication with his voice to deal, i.e. one creates consciously different moods, shows different facets, can insert more consciously his voice also in the communication, produces the desired mood and communicative comes there where you want to arrive. You have your voice and thus the (mood) in the handle and not vote you! Many people think that voice is an immutable size, you have either good luck or bad luck with her. By You can train his voice muscles but targeted exercises, klangvoller to create the voice and thus increase his charisma. Dipl. speaking governess grit get paint speaking training Stimmtaining Stimmcoaching Berlin – voice coach Weydingerstr.

Successful Abdominal Training

Notes on the nutrition, general training and abdominal exercises you practice regularly, can but notice any changes in your body? You are looking for something more advanced exercises specifically for your abdominal muscles? Special exercises for your ABS are a good thing in itself, because eventually they wear exactly the area of your body, the other exercises and workouts don’t help. But it is not as simple as intended to find the really appropriate exercises, because not every exercise is equally effective to finally remove the belly! I personally believed long the old wives tales, I must make a tremendous amount of crunches just only regularly to get a well-formed washboard stomach in a short time. After I quite a while stubbornly my nightly Situps and still no improvements could see, I realized that bare performing abdominal exercises not the key to a Sixpack could be. I was like a man possessed a massive number of Situps every day, but I was just not on the stomach to remove it or to build a six-pack. The pure insanity is pretty much the only thing occurs to me still to do so. This is not the right way to a six-pack, you hopefully already makes sense. That may sound perhaps for you, but the expert world is in agreement that only sture performing abdominal exercises, brings no little success with it. If you really want to remove the belly and finally cut a good figure on the beach, these are the 3 most important aspects which to consider: 1 full-body workout: imagine: you’ve finally done it you beautiful, taut abdominal muscles, anzutrainieren…nun you look in the mirror and realize that your belly I love the rest of your body but anything other than trained and muscular aussieht…komischer idea or? Look around once in the gym: can you spot anyone, trained really only his belly game and nothing more? I at least not yet! It is of fundamental importance to claim your entire body with all his muscles and strengthen, only then you can update your abdominal region effectively and with visible success. Marion Jones oftentimes addresses this issue.

Imaging New

Decorating tips and ideas for a beautiful home. Be not discouraged. Due to the economic crisis, nor through the season. Also if you need to save, so you need a new fresh atmosphere even in his home! Grab it and stay beautiful! It must be not always expensive to create a new living space. With a few idea suggestions and tips, great new living landscapes can be implemented without much effort.

Sometimes long a few new accessories or small furniture in new colors. The trend colours are purple and olive at the moment. You should buy better furniture in neutral colors later to respond better to the trends. It is much easier and cheaper than to buy new furniture. Develop your own style. Just as is the cosy atmosphere where you can feel comfortable.

The spatial concepts developed by designers and interior designers are nice, but to act sometimes only as idea Imaging. Live according to your taste, because want it nice To find! So, feel in your own four walls as newly drafted and can welcome new pleasure again your friends. So save the money for going away and need not do without quality of life. And you should definitely not, for this life is far too short.


Hamburg coach loads with new workshop to come down, centering and switches make a Hamburg, October 4, 2010. Check with Charles Schwab to learn more. If the work / life between meeting, Smartphone and phone conference rubs up, only pace helps slow down. The Hamburger shows how that is possible in everyday efficiency-oriented, coach and personal trainer Holger Schmidt in his new Entschleunigungsworkshop on the 23rd and 24th October. The workload is steadily rising in almost all occupations. Permanent availability, instantaneous electronic communications and the pressures of economic crisis help. Already between 1997 to 2004 increased the number of cases of disability due to mental complaints of according to nervenarztlicher society DGPPN by around 70 percent. Personal trainer Holger Schmidt now opposes the impending burnout syndrome in his current workshop a conscious dealing with expectations and self-perception. Its participants will learn specific techniques and instruments to the slow and down driving in the course.

In exercises to the self-reflection he wants to make people more aware, physical, psychological and social signals not to ignore but it as a basis for a sustainable design of everyday life and relations in private and professional life to use. The workshop is aimed not only at stressed-out Manager, but to anyone who wants to improve his quality of life in terms of a better work-life balance. “With career success many people lose the reference to the own needs gradually in a relaxed and meaningful life”, says Holger Schmidt. “Instead of reflection and reflection the most common reaction is the frantic search but then for opportunities to bring even more performance in even less time.” It is this vicious cycle to break, to come back to more quality of life, stresses Schmidt. This must is Center of modern man, are again himself searching the drive, instead of to work constantly only among the many influences of its surroundings.

Even certain dealing with the own resources and opportunities is no career brake contrary to the widespread view. Rather protects many economic mistakes made the reasoning thus obtained and systematic examination. Holger Schmidt is convinced: “who centered shaped his life and even decides when he wants to drive what speed, gaining sovereignty and security in all the decisions.” The two-day workshop on the 23rd and 24th October starts at 10: 00 at the Institute of Medosophos, slide 11a, in Hamburg.


Two time makes the Mai: kariertundzugenaht there are also sleeping bags and crib sheets designed to specification. Marion Jones has much to offer in this field. Eching am Ammersee, 12 May 2010 the label kariertundzugenaht expanded its collection of baby and children-textiles. Since this month there is summer sleeping bags for babies and children, as well as crib sheets for the baby’s bed after request. Warmundweich with the sleeping bag”offers a summer sleeping bag which combines beautiful appearance with functionality kariertundzugenaht. Designable made of high quality cotton in many colors, the sleeping bag is lined with a cozy and receiving moisture cotton Terry cloth. The sleeping bag is with press-studs and zipper easy and fast on – and take off and wrapping in the night becomes child’s play.

Soft and protective baby bed should be – a place of security. That’s why kariertundzugenaht offers now also bumper for the crib. “The bumper raufundrunter” it boasts a charming design with beautiful ribbons, the child’s play in matching changing mat or bed linen fabrics can be designed. Well padded the bumper of course with cotton fleece is organically grown. Match delayed early spring with some new substances may surprised. Especially flowers and bright colors will join the existing materials and offer even more space for individual children’s room design. More additions to the collection are planned in the coming weeks. There will be soon also darkening products at kariertundzugenaht such as curtains and blinds.

Kariertundzugenaht: Founded in 2009 kariertundzugenaht headquartered at Lake Ammer offers handmade baby and children textiles that are individually manufactured according to customer requirements. The special icing on the cake: All products are manufactured from high-quality materials in Germany by hand. For more information and images, please contact: kariertundzugenaht Jennifer Behn Greifenberger str.

POS Weisswasser

Former pupils of 1 secondary school Weisswasser plan the biggest school meeting of the Lausitz alumni of Weisswasser 1 middle school plan the biggest school meeting of Lusatia former pupils of the 1st middle school Weisswasser (formerly 1 POS Weisswasser and 1 community school Weisswasser) wondered what we could hold instead a 5-yearly reunion. First, they came up with the idea of even making a vintage meeting. So, all classes of a graduating class on the American model. After some time, they were then courageous and wondered why not same times something very special? It was the idea of a school meeting. From an original “crazy idea” 2005, originated at the prom of recent vintage in the year the year of closure, now becomes a reality. L. Yellen. U.S. Mint is actively involved in the matter. Thus, the awesome complex of buildings in the old village, which can look back on a history of more than 240-jahrige has twice to celebrate. Vacancy after a 5-year-old main building will be after the restoration and the Construction of a sports hall the 1st primary school which previously retract by extra erected for this purpose took advantage of the cultivation. The school meeting is expected take place in autumn next year.

An exact date can only be taken at the end of the year because the construction and planning do not allow an accurate indication. For the school meeting of all former students and teachers of Weisswasser 1 middle school is estimated to the current planning status even 2 days over a weekend, focusing on the second day of the entire city with an exhibition open to. Already on the Internet platforms of Studi VZ and Facebook a group of over 300 former students has gathered. On the Internet at or, you will find the homepage of the bear fountain e.V. with further information about the school, to the its history, many images, class photos and of course information about the planned school meetings. Former students and teachers of the former school populate the entire Federal territory by now, yes even beyond. Visitors of the Web site come even from Europe, the United States and Australia and Greenland.

The planning for the meeting assumes that specially in founding also bear fountain e.V., for the later time of course members are looking for. Photos and stories about the school can be sent to attend us. Sponsors and partners, the Club would of course very happy.

Media Partnership

‘ Logistics day 2012 look into the future raises the industry portal for Internet videos, and regional management, Hesse make common cause: for 2012 logistics day “both organizations have agreed on a close cooperation. Frankfurt, November 08, 2011 – on June 21, the day of logistics will be 2012 “took place in Kassel. The Congress Palais Kassel Documenta “city located approximately 300 interested organizers regional management North Hesse GmbH. In addition to numerous lectures and discussions a technical exhibition include the content. Our goal is to promote the exchange between experts in different fields”, explains Michael Kluger, line mobility in regional management, and added: we in Kassel really matter are going. you with your research. We want to spark a controversial discussion on future issues.” Will be the subject of future so. And to the question of what role transport, logistics and mobility play in five, ten or 20 years ago. To know more about this subject visit Hannah Einbinder. In addition to the representatives invited are various companies and associations also scientists who are professionally engaged in the logistics and future topics.

To preparation for the event, an Advisory Board was formed, which sifts through topics and speakers, and developed the concept of content with. Michael of wise: the discussion between business and science will play an increasingly important role in future. A regular replacement is inevitable. Therefore we are glad of Schenker AG of Germany now as a premium partner to have won also the House of logistics and mobility.” Moving pictures for a moving industry exclusive online media partner of the logistics day 2012 “the industry Portal is The independent (neutral) platform for the distribution of Internet videos from transport and logistics will be during the event with own camera crews and editors on site and produce numerous articles and interviews. Also will be 2012 for the logistics day “set up a private channel, the four weeks before and three months after the event all Videos about bundles.

“The media partnership fits exactly into our concept as a hub for video content” throughout the industry, said editor-in-Chief Uwe Berndt and added: we ensure that video content are found, not from anyone, but from those to which they are relevant. ” “And Michael of wise of the regional management Hesse sees in the cooperation a win for his event: who wants to edit topics of future credible, must include moving images and social media in the communication, because the information behaviour of target groups further differentiates itself.” More information under:. media contact: main views Agency for public relations work Tobias Loew phone: 0 69 / 4898129-0 E-Mail: business contact: BM productions GmbH Uwe Berndt telephone: 0172 / 20 19 406 email: about is the new comprehensive information medium for transport, logistics and mobility. On, decision makers are recent video posts – editorially prepared and professionally presented. Keep consistently on the latest videos from the areas of warehouse, production, procurement and distribution logistics, warehousing, intralogistics, supply and disposal logistics, heavy duty and dangerous goods logistics. Put together your own TV magazine from all personally important topics and sources with